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Would you like to be an Editor of content on this wiki?

  • Unlike Wikipedia, the Friends of Devuan Wiki is NOT open to anonymous editing.
  • This is mostly due to lack of resources to clean up after bots, trolls, and the like.
  • We DO welcome new editors in good faith; you just need to ask for editing rights!

Who do I ask for editing rights on this Wiki?

  • Send an email to the admin. Don't forget to provide your Wiki Username!
  • Ask on the #devuan-dev or #devuan-wiki channels on freenode IRC

This site is a platform for sharing user contributions and drafting official documentation for the Devuan project. Please contribute anything that will benefit other Devuan users. If this is your first visit or you have any questions, feel free to read the About page as well as our Code of Conduct.

Community wiki

All user contributions are shared here. It could be a HowTo, a handy script, artwork or a Desktop theme etc. Please prepend the the title of your contribution with Jessie, ASCII or Ceres so users can easily find relevant release information.

Official documentation development

Development area for Devuan's official documentation. Disclaimer: This documentation is a work in progress. Use at your own risk.


Tips for contributing to the wiki.