Alternative Browsers

Popular mainstream browsers are starting to grow in scope (they have become bloated) and sometimes include features that have caused privacy concerns for users. The purpose of this page is to document some possible alternatives and provide resources to help users migrate away from mainstream browsers.

A textmode browser depending on FireFox. Time will tell whether that was a good idea…


Currently only for MAC and Windows.


A lightweight GUI browser written in C/C++ and FLTK. Has a small feature set similar to text-based browsers such as lynx but supports CSS.

Dooble is…

Available in Devuan.

The news is that QupZilla is to rename to Falkon, which will be included in the next release of KDE.



Links2 is a text-based browser, but also has a graphical mode that supports displaying images and provides more elaborate HTML rendering than its text-only mode.


  • No CSS support
  • No Javascript support
  • Doesn't support pasting with middle mouse button

The following graphics drivers are supported (-driver):

  • x
  • fb
  • directfb
  • text mode (omitting -driver , using parameter -no-g)



Problem: Uncapable of ftp: URLs.


Problem: Uncapable of ftp: URLs.


“Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5.” (, 2018-03-04)

Palemoon is a lightweight fork of Firefox that uses it's own forked rendering engine Goanna.


By default DRM protected content support is not included in Palemoon and is not on the roadmap of this project. However, the browser does support Encrypted Media Extensions.


Firejail provides sandboxing support for Palemoon out of the box on Devuan.

The project has a good attitude towards security. See the forum post concerning the meltdown and spectre bugs.


Since XUL is no longer being used by Mozilla, there are not many extensions left that are compatible with Palemoon. But some resources have become available to help with this problem.

Palemoon official addons page.
Iceweasel-UXP addons from the Hyperbola project that may work with Palemoon.

A Hyperbola project creation, Iceweasel-UXP is based on the Basilisk browser. It uses the Debian abandoned Iceweasel branding and is concerned with solving freedom related issues.



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Can display images in some terminals with support of the w3m-img package.

Contains w3mman which is a nice manpage browser too!