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Important: These paragraphs are a work in progress! If you are uploading artwork based on someone else's creation, do ensure that your work meets that person's/group's licensing terms. Please don't upload someone else's original work without contacting us first. Original works submitted here must be licensed under a Creative Commons or still less restrictive license. If you are unsure about licensing, please contact the editor before you upload a work. You are encouraged to provide an attribution to the creators of any source material, even if you aren't required to do so by their license.


Wallpapers for your desktop environment or window manager.

1. Three marching penguins: (Original photo by Tim Jones at Used with permission.) Posted by golinux


Themes for your desktop environment or window manager, plus icon themes.

CUPS test-print pages

Here are printer test pages in A4 and US Letter page sizes. After downloading you'll need to copy these Debian-themed pages to /usr/share/cups/data. Then, edit your cups configuration to change the default test page by editing the line Template default-testpage.pdf to refer to the new pdf file. Then restart CUPS with the command service cups restart. Each of these changes will need root privileges, either via sudo or directly. Posted by David Harrison.

A4 version

US Letter version