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Some things that seem noteworthy…

If things get clear enough some solution may be found here already or the problem will get narrowed down for transferring it to Devuan's bugtracker.

''fakeroot'' Problem

(yeti@cubietruck1:1)~$ uname -a
Linux cubietruck1 4.11.2 #1 SMP Mon May 22 21:58:12 CEST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux
(yeti@cubietruck1:1)~$ lsb_release -sir
(yeti@cubietruck1:1)~$ LANG=C fakeroot echo meh
fakeroot, while creating message channels: Function not implemented
This may be due to a lack of SYSV IPC support.                                                        fakeroot: error while starting the `faked' daemon.
kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]
(yeti@cubietruck1:1)~$ LANG=C fakeroot-tcp echo meh

yeti 2018/03/24 08:35 GMT

WiFi Problem

The WiFi module is absent or has a different name than on the Wheezy based Debian derivate I used on the other Cubietruck.

yeti 2018/03/24 08:39 GMT

No fsck at boot

No WiFi

Unpackaged Kernel

Grep-ing in my backups directory to search in all PI backups without juggling cards or needing to start all of them:

$ ls -d pi?-?
pi1-0  pi1-1  pi2-0  pi2-1  pi2-2  pi2-3  pi3-0  pi3-1

pi2-2 and pi2-3 run RasPIan9, the other ones run Devuan2.

$ egrep 'kernel(|7|8).img' pi?-?/var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list

Result: Only the kernels of the PIs running RasPIan9 appear in the package management.

Question: How do Devuan PIs get their kernel updates?

IIRC this applies to Devuan1 (but I'm not running it ATM) and to Devuan's Cubietruck images and so probably all currently supported Allwinner boards too. Devuan2 on my Cubietrucks was migrated from a previous Debian9 installation, so they still have Debian's way to handle the kernel with Devuan2 atop of it and therefore I cannot prove anything by grep-ing through their backups.

yeti 2018/03/28 09:51 GMT