In original Debian theres some connection managers, the famous Network/mananger, the light Wicd python suite and the newer focused Connamn, those have some special use cases and tips

There's only few packaged:

Wicd suite

Default in Devuan, comes only with basic, wired and wireless connections, some adhoc and ip settings.. its based on python and their UI its GTK only.

User experience

Maybe for experts and python lovers, but for lighters and network related administrator are very bad:

  • Depends of installation the tray icon starts automatically.
  • After install if no right gui was installed (wicd/gtk or wicd-kde) the GUI usage will be a pain.
  • Wireless network does not autoselect unless user marked as connected automatically.


  • wired and wireless with WPA/WPK support. with profiles separation.


  • Python based, so slow and so if some python change, wicd will not work any moreā€¦
  • Ethernet only, no PPPoE/DSL support.
  • Lacks VPN, Bluetooh or Mobile broadband managing connection.


Devuan has the connman that are a wicd equivalent, but no python based, so its the best choice for light desktops. Have a UI GTK (connman-ui) and other QT (cmst) interfaces both minimal dependences.

User experience

Very poor if no manual tips are done, but with some tune its a good choice for networking and experts:

  • Package does not start automatically after session enters if no mayor desktop are in choose by user, some irritating behavior.
  • After install if no right gui was installed (connman-ui or cmst) the GUI usage will be a pain.
  • No network its autoselect unless user doit manually, and wors, the gui need mantain push the righ button to select.


  • Very light, minimal interface
  • Supports VPN, 4G and bluetooh also


  • Lacks of connection editor, due its minimalist focused.
  • No multiuser capable, due its focused on minimalist (if user logout and other login, issues happened)
  • if a problem will happened, the solution will be hard to find.

Network Manager

In Devuan comes with many MANY corrections respect Debian, see Debian bugs respect no systemd display managers integration with network manager Its the steroid based network connection manager in linux and have a KDE and GTK/Gnome UI availables. Devuan has some corrections, but don't expect too much

User experience

Only recomended for users without experience and guindoser/winbuntu, experts will prefers wicd or connman:

  • Depends of many many packages, so u must have a modern computer due frew space and few services running background.
  • Related packages will need that are not installed and only marked as recommended.
  • After install, all works as spectek only if all the needed packages are installed, see lasted section in this page for.


  • Steroid based with all the flavors, can manage inclusively your eyes. (Wimax, 4G, PPPoE)


  • Tons of dependences, many, many and of course
  • if a problem will happened, the solution will be hard to find.
Featured 'Network Manager' 'Connman' 'Wicd'
Systemd free? Managed Yes Yes
3G Yes Yes No
SMS No No No
Bluetooth Yes No No
Manual IP/DNS Yes ? Yes
ipv4 tunnel Yes ? no
Wireless Yes Yes Yes
WEP Yes Yes Yes
WPA Personal Yes Yes Yes
WPA Enterprise Yes Yes Yes
Wired Yes Yes Yes
PPPoe Yes No No
VPN X, Y, Z Yes Yes No
wimax Yes Yes No
system connections Yes Yes Yes
connection sharing Yes unknown No
multi user capable Yes No Yes
Connection Editor Yes No Yes
By plugins? Yes Yes Yes
Care mantained Yes No Yes

Tipe feature related

Tipe/package 'Network Manager' 'Connman' 'Wicd'
Mobile (3G/SMS) network-manager-pptp connman
Wireless (WPA/WPE/SPK) network-manager connman wicd
Wired network-manager connman wicd
PPPoe network-manager-pptp connman
VPN network-manager-{vpnc/openvn/openconnect}
wimax network-manager-{vpnc/openvn/openconnect} connman
Bluetooth network-manager-pptp connman

Ui package related

Feature/package 'Network Manager' 'Connman' 'Wicd'
Manual IP/DNS network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
system UI config network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
connection sharing network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst
multi user capable network-manager-gnome wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
Connection GUI Editor network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
Mobile GUI config network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
PPPoe GUI config network-manager-pptp-gnome connman-ui/cmst wicd-{gtk/ncurses/kde}
VPN GUI config network-manager-{vpnc/openvn/openconnect}-gnome
wimax GUI config network-manager-gnome connman-ui/cmst
Ipv4 GUI tunneling network-manager-iodine-gnome connman-ui/cmst