Another Devuan featured its many system corrections, respect Debian.

The problem its the integration with systemd and dbus related communication permissions..

Identify the problem

You will got in log or console:

Failed to add/activate connection
(32) No session found for uid 1000 (unknown)

the number 1000 its the user uid, may change.

Possible solutions

Seems there a solution using pam integration,but in lasted 8.7 version in debian (installed parallel in another partition) still problem persist, but in devuan, the problem are gone.

The only difference between the two are the consolekit depend, so made a pam integration are not enough.

In any case, devuan does not have that problem. If you use Devuan 1.0.0 RC and below this problem was gone and soled due Devuan does not use systemd and their packages are modified for right working.

Rebuild and repackage (if u are in debian and was a mixed devuan) with console kit and pam integration, but if u used systemd seems will not work.. maybe its time to change systemd.