This guide replaces the previous migration guide, and is fully up to date. dev1fanboy.

Migrate to Devuan Jessie

This document describes how to migrate to Devuan Jessie from Debian.

We need to edit the mirrors list so we can set the Devuan repository as the source for packages.

root@debian:~# editor /etc/apt/sources.list

Change your mirrors to the Devuan mirror, commenting out the previous Debian mirrors.

deb jessie main
deb jessie-updates main
deb jessie-security main
deb jessie-backports main

Before we can fetch packages from the Devuan repository we need to update the package index files.

root@debian:~# apt-get update

The Devuan keyring is required to authenticate packages.

root@debian:~# apt-get install devuan-keyring --allow-unauthenticated

Now that the Devuan keyring is installed you should update the indexes again so that packages are authenticated from now on.

root@debian:~# apt-get update

We can now migrate to Devuan. Choose slim as the default display manager if prompted.

root@debian:~# apt-get dist-upgrade

In order to remove systemd as pid1 a one time reboot is required.

root@devuan:~# reboot

Post migration tasks

If you were using GNOME under Debian before migration I recommend changing the session manager to startxfce4.

root@devuan:~# update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

systemd components should now be removed from the system.

root@devuan:~# apt-get purge systemd systemd-shim

If you are not using D-Bus you might be able to remove libsystemd0.

root@devuan:~# apt-get purge libsystemd0

Purge any orphaned packages left over from your previous Debian install.

root@devuan:~# apt-get autoremove --purge

This is a good time to clean out old package archives left over from your Debian system.

root@devuan:~# apt-get autoclean

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