What we want to do is to backup a running system to a remote system (can be a NAS) using ssh No need to mount a remote share, we will stream the data using ssh

You need access to the remote NAS or machine using ssh

You can backup the whole machine using


fname=CEMI-gentoo-`date +%F`.taz
fullname=${dirname}/${fname}            ; export fullname


echo Writing ${fullname} 

tar -czpvf - --one-file-system / | ssh ${authen} "cat > ${fullname}"


The first part, before the pipe | request to write everything that is on the root filesystem to a pipe The second part request that whatever is sent to ssh is written to the given file

As usual, test it before considering it reliable.

If you tar -czpvf - ––one-file-system / you only get the root filesystem and no other possibly mounted partitions.

yeti 2018/07/29 18:49