Devuan Documentation Roadmap

Wiki platform

Migrate all content from DokuWiki on to MediaWiki on Devuan's own infrastructure (proposed location:

  • Set up MediaWiki
    • coordinate with Devuan infra maintainers (jaromil, dan, rrq)
    • maybe put it on the same server as the d1g forum
    • (yeti) please use UTC as the timezone
      • (msi) As the TZ of this wiki is not UTC (but what?) this would have to include converting timestamps of contributions made here.
  • Find a reasonable migration path. (blinkdog)
    • Need to migrate Wiki content (including discuss pages and media files); possibly preserving structure (and authoring history)
      • (chillfan) We could ask the authors to repost if we can contact them, and see if they want to add any improvements.
      • (msi) The problem is that some documents might not have a single author but be composed of contributions by several people.
      • (msi) Beware that user home pages (user:$user_name) and namespaces carrying corresponding user names in the user namespace are not the same thing (a user's home page is not the start page of a namespace but just a single page)
  • Sort out the current wiki before migrating
    • Collect questionable conent in the lost-and-found namespace
    • It can be moved to a User: page subspace in MediaWiki later
    • What about onefang's page in the users namespace? It's the only page in there. The actual namespace for user pages is user.
      • (msi) DONE.
  • (msi) Get the wiki ready for translations.
  • (blinkdog) If we run MediaWiki, we can use the Translate extension. Let the non-English contributions live alongside the English contributions within the same wiki.
  • (chillfan) Will repost any content that came from my wiki rather than versions on fod. Update some parts of FOD, repost newer versions of pages from my wiki, improve what is there already. Work mostly on docs useful for the new platform.
  • Licensing of contributions
    • (msi) Have a general notice about the license used in the Wiki's footer.
    • Also have a note to editors when editing a page (like on the FOD wiki)
      • There it says: “Note: By editing this page you agree to license your content under the following license: GNU Free Documentation License 1.3”
  • (msi) A lot of contributions in the Documentation section on d1g already, some of which may well be included into the official docs. Others could be migrated to the community wiki. If the authors have access, they might just do it themselves.

Devuan Manual

Developers' Documentation

  • Jaromil is working on a Devuan Developer's Manual.
  • Developers' Docs: Devuan should probably have its own Policy Manual (like Debian's Policy Manual ( → Ask Jaromil

Forking Debian documentation

  • Investigate which parts of Debian's documentation are suitable for being forked for Devuan (e.g. parts of the Debian install manual).
    • Debian ports overview
  • Find out how this should be done.
  • Sort out the descriptions of kinds of docs on the Devuan Documentation Guidelines page (incl. the discussion page).
  • Write intro texts to different sections of docs and an intro for the whole thing (to be on a landing page later).