Notes & Discussion

  • appart from About and Code of Conduct, maybe also menation help pages
  • consider the first two sections from the About page
  • include: for official Devuan docs go to/see [link] (probably in the future

From the Debian Wiki's intro text:

  • “This wiki is a support and documentation resource for the Debian project. […] To find your way around: FindPage | WordIndex | TitleIndex | RecentChanges | RandomPage”1)
  • (namepsace: community_doc)
  • maybe put description beneath the headline
    • the place for useful user-generated documentation… (sth meaningful and as little redundant as possible)
  • create a category for install and setup guides in there
  • (namepsace: devuan_doc)
  • description: Development area for Devuan's official documentation.
  • Disclaimer: This documentation is not ready and may contain critical errors. Use at your own risk.
    • refer to what's there on instead
  • stable/testing/unstable branches could be linked here

News and announcements (namespace meta:news)

  • news about the wiki, like:
    • enabled HTML editing (now enabled by DH/FTG - please contact if there's a problem)
    • installed this and that plugin, so you can now…
    • updated dokuwiki to Verison xyz
  • older news in the news archive (create that page)


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