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These texts are about differences, equivalents as well as starting points from where you can clarify information about specific or global things regarding Devuan OS:

Start point for most users, about installations, procedures and “how to's” manuals, ordered by usage skill level. Please remember, Devuan its a system which honors Debian history, focusing in Linux principles and GNU principles as possible..

1) Download and install guides

This is a good point to start, the first two guides assume modern computers, the thirt option if just for those that already have and previously Debian or any other OS installed and possible ways of use Devuan on their systems::

2) How to use default Devuan just installed

If you have or just installed, Devuan comes with a old-knowed behavior desktop, named Xfce, that's means a normal bar with window list and a menu pop up on left corner with basic installed software for general usage.

3) I want to become a veteran, medium users

4) Please, take me to the gods, i want the Olympus

This its a index installations guides, order by skill. This is an ordered index for ease of use from the simplest to the most expert


Improved quick start minimal guide (current version)

Quick start guide to upgrading to Devuan and configuring minimalism (original version)

Minimal xfce install

Minimal xorg install

Devuan on Raspberry Pi