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-===== npm ===== 
-For installing npm add the backports to your sources.list e.g.: 
-  deb http://​pkgmaster.devuan.org/​merged/​ ascii-backports main non-free contrib 
-  deb-src http://​pkgmaster.devuan.org/​merged/​ ascii-backports main non-free contrib 
-===== writing pandoc'​s markdown and converting to dokuwiki markup ===== 
-Using different kind of markup languages is not the way I like. [[https://​pandoc.org/​|pandoc]] converts from several markup languages to several markup languages. dokuwiki is supported as target only, not as source. To convert from pandoc'​s markdown to dokuwiki I use: 
- ​pandoc -t dokuwiki -o mypage.dokuwiki mypage.md 
-==== https sources in sources.list ==== 
-After reading [[https://​www.heise.de/​security/​meldung/​Kritische-Sicherheitsluecke-in-Debians-Update-Tools-4285012.html|Kritische Sicherheitsl├╝cke in Debians Update-Tools]] I checked /​etc/​apt/​sources.list and found my configuration with http:%%//%% "​http://​de.deb.devuan.org"​. Since https://​de.deb.devuan.org/​ throws a warning in the browser that the certificate is only valid for pkgmaster.devuan.org I changed my sources to https://​pkgmaster.devuan.org 
 +  * [[user:​hum/​upgrading_from_ascii_to_beowulf|Upgrading from devuan ascii to devuan beowulf]]
 +  * [[user:​hum/​wtfbsd|Installing wtf (package or in the home dir)]]
 +  * The old content of my startpage is now at [[user:​hum/​pre_12-2019|pre_12-2019]].