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 +====== http(s) services running on local computer(s) ======
 +I like to have much knowledge and data accessible on my local computer using http(s). Below are some short hints which programs I use.
 +  * [[https://​wiki.kiwix.org/​wiki/​Kiwix-serve|kiwix-serve]] serves the local zim files with compressed data of wikis, wikipedia or other websites with its own webserver. It isn't in the repository. kiwix-serves accepts the parameter -p <​port>​. http://​<​port>/​
 +  * [[https://​pkginfo.devuan.org/​stage/​ascii/​ascii/​dwww_1.13.3+b1.html|dwww]] provides access to the local man-pages, howtos and other help files. http://​​dwww/​ . Mind the last / since it didn't work without it for me.
 +  * local files on your computer can be access if you configure your web-server to allow dir-listing (list all files in a directory), to follow symlinks and public_html directories for users. From ~/​public_html you can symlink to other directories that can be accessed through you webserver. The address should be http://​​~username/​symlinkname/​